Saturday, September 12, 2009

Today was my day of putting finishing touches on completed works

Today I put the finishing touches on some pieces that I completed. I hate to finish up anything I do because it is time consuming and at times I am afraid that my work does not fare up as well as others. I framed Matilda by Moonlight, the camera kept giving off a glare so don't mind that. I also finished up my moose and bear wall hanging. The next piece Cherish each new day is a gift for my dad's girlfriend. I turned this into a little sachet that she can hang on a door knob and last but not least I made 2 Christmas ornaments for my tree the finishing is not that great but seeing as it is for me I don't need to knock myself out with details. The first ornament is called Cardinal Christmas and the other is Pere Noel. Hope you like. Sometimes I feel so inferior to the other ladies because they seem to do such bang up jobs on their work.


  1. I am not very good at the finishing not much ever gets finished. LOL All of your stuff looks lovely.

  2. At times I am not so proud of what I do either with finishing up my work. Sometimes I drive myself nutty trying to make it look good enough to my liking! Thanks for the compliment.

  3. Hi Kay!

    I love all your projects, especially Matilda!
    I picked up the issue of CS & Needlework it was featured in from an ebay auction, I just think its adorable, you really did a great job!!


  4. Karen,

    Thanks, I was really happy with how Matilda came out as well. The magazine it came from I got a hold of it through ebay. That is how I get most of my patterns anymore. Thanks for stopping by! I really love all your stitching as well, really beautiful!

  5. Everything looks amazing! Gorgeous finishing on every single thing!!