Thursday, September 3, 2009

Finished Christmas ornies for my sister

I have started on making my gifts for Christmas to give to family this year. I have tons of supplies that has been sitting here for some time so I actually have everything I need to make all my crafts all I have to do is make them so I won't be breaking my wallet at all this year that much. I usually keep the gifts for my sister simple because she is on disability and does not work so we tend to keep it simple. I made these 2 ornaments in a hurry I started on Saturday and finished on Wednesday not bad. The first pattern is a Lizzy Kate pattern called Cozy Christmas Wishes and the other one is a pattern that I found from a Leisure Arts book I have had for some time. My son James picked out the kitty cat pattern he figured she would like that because she is a cat lover as well. I tried to cutesy these up for my sister I think she will like it.

I will start on making some more Christmas gifts sometime next week I want to be a little selfish and do a few quick things for my house! Hope you like and thanks for stopping by.

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