Monday, April 28, 2014

Sad news

Last week on the 22th my father in law passed away at home. It had been such a long and difficult journey he had with many bouts of cancer that he fought each time, but this last battle was bigger than what he could fight. The months that had passed we knew we were on borrowed time and spent so much time at my inlaws, created new memories and kept reminiscing about old ones. The months that have passed were also difficult because as time wore on my father in law suffered greatly especially in the last three weeks. While it was hard to say goodbye I also know that now he is no longer in pain and suffering, but at peace now. I learned a lot this year and will continue to learn and hope that the lessons I learned I carry with me always. I realized greatly to love with all your heart and to not take for granted the moments in life, but to appreciate all that you have.  The calling hours and funeral last week was a testament to the man my father in law was. There were so many that came to pay their final respects to a great man that led a great life. May he rest in peace.