Monday, March 29, 2010

Some Easter stitching!

I have a few Easter stitching updates to share. I was hoping to have more to share but like many fellow stitchers I fell into a rut and just was not motivated to want to do any stitching. After I got off of that then I picked up my needle and started some holiday stitching. The First one is a pattern that I got from one of my Cross Country Stitching magazines. The other one is from Waxing Moon it is called Spring bunny. Last week I got a very nice surprise in the mail from my friend Mylene she sent me a postcard and this adorable scissor fob that she made for me. I love it a lot! It is rare for me to get any stitchy mail from my friends so this was a very nice surprise to get! Thanks so much Mylene! Not much going on here except the same ole same ole of being busy most days. On Tuesday me and Mike are going away until Friday on a small getaway. Mike came into some extra money at work so we decided it would be perfect to do something nice just the 2 of us. I have not been away since my honeymoon nearly 13 years ago so I do think it is time to do so! The timing is perfect here. James' last day of school is tomorrow and then he starts spring break right after school he is going to a party/sleepover at his friends house and after that we will be spending the rest of his time at his grandparents house til we get back. My FIL has a lot planned for James like taking him to the Museum and the zoo so I think he will enjoy that. The bed n breakfast we plan on staying at is called Fitzgerald's Irish Bed & Breakfast. This is about 15 minutes away from where we live so I will be able to pop in at home and check on things if needs be. We plan on doing a few days trips as well. I have a few stitching projects to bring with me to pass some time. Have a wonderful week and thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A few small St. Patricks Day finishes to share

Well with next week being St. Patrick's day already I stitched up a few small designs. I am going to work on some Easter stuff starting today! My 2 finishes are both Lizzie Kate's of course. I started stitching on Wednesday and by Sunday night I was done with the both of them! I really do love the designs that are so quick and easy to stitch! You may think I am nuts but I do have my tree up still and fully intend on keeping it up. I usually decorate according to holidays and seasons. Since moving into our home a few years ago we gave up space and I have next to none closet space so I have no where to stick my tree. Since moving here I have had to get rid of a lot of stuff in all honesty because I had no where to put everything. I am hoping in a couple of years we can move into a bigger place and I will have space again! But anymore I tend to live by the saying do what makes you happy. Me and Mike have spent many years being unhappy with everything that was thrown our way and in the past I had many dark days because of it but now the last few years have been slowly coming together and we are having happier times all around so I could not ask for anything more!

The last week here has been good but busy. Been spending a lot of time at my inlaws. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday my FIL goes to his dialysis treatments so we end up visiting those days days as well. It still is an adjustment period for him he is very tired after wards but doing good. He has had to change his diet drastically which he is not happy about. He is starting to get use to the fact that at times others have to work their schedule around him. That was hard for him to accept because he is always an active person but with his health issues sidelining him anymore there is not so much he can do so that gets the best of him. Learned many interesting facts last week concerning the dialysis and what to expect as well. All in all though he is doing good and that is what counts!

Thanks for stopping by and for your comments in my last post and this post! Have a great week!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Happy March!

Well a new month is upon us and I have some more updates to share! I have been busy lately with my stitching but that is not new for me. My stitching is my stress reliever so I am always turning to it. The new year has been stressful at times but I have not said much to anyone. I have been extremely stressed and worried for many reasons. My brother is driving me nuts. He will be 38 in June and he still cannot get it together no matter what. He has been homeless many times and is barely sober and always getting into trouble with the law. Me and Mike have opened our home to him many times over the years and have helped in any way we could but it just is frustrating that he won't help himself, I know you can't make anyone get help unless they are ready for it. The reason I am so everything concerning him is because yet again he managed to get into trouble with the law and this one will land him in jail for a while. I feel so angry and sad for him because I wish he would just grow up.

Me and Mike have also been very worried because for some time Mike's father has been very ill and after Christmas we knew things were going to change but it is so hard to see the wheels in motion. Tomorrow he begins dialysis because his kidneys are shot. He will be going 3 days a week every week. Since the dialysis will be starting he is also going to be put on a kidney donor list. My FIL has had no choice but to be forced into early retirement for the time being, doctor's orders. So since Christmas my MIL has been working 2 jobs to help make up for the lost income. I am hoping that things will come together for my inlaws because I love my FIL like my own father so it is very upsetting to see things like this now. The one bright spot is the place that my FIL will be getting his dialysis at is less than 10 minutes from where we live. He has mentioned on some of the days he would love someone to keep him company so I think this will be doable for us at times.

I have been so stressed that my mood anymore is not so good poor Mike I just don't have it in me for the most part to be chipper when I have to deal with the day to day stuff and all the family issues going on. This month sometime me and Mike are planning to get away just the 2 of us for a few days. I am so looking forward to this we really do need it!

Ok, enough rambling and on to my stitching! I have 2 finishes to share they are both from Curtis Boehringer. The first one is from the 3 for 2 club it is called March and the last one is my March angel from the barefoot angel of the month club. In my last post I had someone ask me about my finishing what it looks like so I am showing my backside this time so you can see what it looks like. I did not have any green fabric to use for the backsides so I used some black fabric I have had in storage for some time. I know the picture for the angel once again is not so great I need a new camera so bear with me with the pics. I also am showing my little bit of progress with my stocking that I am working on in my SAL. I am going to move at a turtles pace on this one because it is so simple to do I would be done with it in less than 2 weeks if this was all I was working on and since I have til Christmas I can move as slow as I like! So now I am going to get started on my swap gift real quick so I can get it sent out in the next few weeks and try to get a few small St. Patrick's Day things stitched before the day gets here. Thanks for stopping by and your comments and have a great week.