Monday, November 9, 2009

Some belated Halloween stitching to show off

It has been a while since I have been here to post. Our Halloween was good James had a lot of fun that weekend between the school dance and then a party that weekend with friends and sleepover and such. I barely seen him Halloween eve and the day of Halloween because he was busy with all this. All the good times caught up with him though because he woke up the day after Halloween really sick. He had gotten the flu and by that evening his germs had rubbed off on me. So needless to say I was feeling too poopy for most of the week to do anything. I finally picked up my stitching on Saturday and got a lot accomplished! After this post I won't be able to update too much with stitchy updates because I am in the process of making ornaments for family and friends and since a lot of them take a peek at my blog I can't really show any pics of what I am doing until everyone has gotten what I made.

The first piece I finished is called Candy Corn by the Sunflower Seed and the second is a freebie pattern that I have from the Primitive Needle. Thanks for stopping by!