Sunday, September 20, 2009

Stopping by for a moment

Well this week was a busy but relaxing one for me. I had the week off of work so I spent most of my time this week stitching and I got a lot done! Mike's hours are always funky and his work schedule is not the same every week. One day he can work at 5am to 2pm and then the next day be back at 3pm til midnight. Working in retail his hours are always jumbled on top of his classes starting back up his free time is very limited and it has him gone a lot instead of being home. James being back in school and then after school activities it is like a ghost town around here so that is why I got a lot done this week. If I did not keep myself busy like I do I think I would go nuts! This week I got 5 ornaments stitched I don't have any pics to post today because I want to put the finishing touches on them first before I post pics of them completed. I will probably do that on Tuesday. I have to go to work tomorrow and grocery shop and then head to my inlaws for dinner so I doubt I will have a lot of time tomorrow to get anything accomplished.

The ornaments I have done this week have a theme. They are all Halloween themed except for one. The one is a ornament for my son of three cats side by side saying cat lovers welcome here and the other 4 are Lizzy Kate ornaments that are Halloween themed. I am hoping to post pics on Tuesday after I got them finished off. Hope everyone had a good weekend!

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