Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A few finishes & halfway through with another

I hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend! My son had a really fun time camping, he was bummed out about coming home. I spent my weekend for the most part just like I wanted to all by myself watching my favorite dvds while stitching the weekend away and boy did it go by fast! Both finishes are plastic canvas finishes. It has been about a year since I have done any plastic canvas I have been cross stitching mainly through the year. The first finish like I mentioned earlier was supposed to be a set of placemats but I didn't want to do that for a few reasons. My husband has such funky hours with work and school most days it is just me and James. We use our coffee table as our table at dinner time. So I just turned this into a hanging that could be displayed anywhere. I attached some homespun fabric to it and have it hanging over my tv trays as the one picture shows. The other finish is coasters. Like I said I love the rustic/lodge look so I love my 2 finishes a lot. The last piece I worked on this weekend as well is a cross stitch piece called Shaker Hearts. This is a pattern I came across from a book I checked out at the library. It is more than halfway done. There are 3 squares left to stitch. 2 of them will have a quilt design and the last square will have some more flowers in it. It is a little different but easy and I think it will look good once done. I was thinking of finishing this off by making it a pillow to display on my bed and maybe in time make a few more cross stitch pieces and turn them into pillows as well for the bed. I should bring this to a close it is 3:30 and I need to head to bed for a bit because I need to be back up at 6 to cook breakfast. First day of school today finally! Yea!


  1. Kay you're amazing! They turned out great! And I am glad that you are happy with the layout of James' school; I think that is important. Hope you're having a great weekend!


  2. I love your Christmas Cross sTitch pictured at the begining of this post. Where did this pattern come from. So many patterns to track down. I have been out of Cross Stitch for awhile...now I need to get going again...I am so loving your stuff. Maybe if you are done with some of these charts you will allow me to buy them from you. Now to go and take a gander at more of your wonderful stitching.