Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Stopping by

Hi all,

I hope everyone is having a good week. I am popping in for a bit. I am feeling more better this week, still a little stiff and have to watch what I do but my arm is more better this week. Hopefully it goes away soon and stays away! My dad arrived in town the other day he will be here until Sunday so I have been busy. I won't see him now until Thursday these next few days he has some other relatives that he wants to see while he is here in town, that will give me time to catch up on some things here. I have been not in the mood for a while to do a lot here. On Sunday morning my cat Tom passed away. He had been sick for over a month and during that time had a few strokes but recovered from them not completely but he did. For a brief moment I was hopeful because 2 weeks ago we took Tommy to the vet and at that time he was almost on death's door. I had called and told them that I think he is dying I was wondering if maybe the vet could look at him to see if there is anything he can do for Tom or what he thinks we should do. I honestly thought that day he was going to tell me it is for the best to put Tommy to sleep. But he gave him a shot of cortisone so he can get around easily and a shot of Vitamin B to help stimulate his appetite and it did work for a short while but he still was slow to get around and tired out easily. I knew on Saturday night though that he was dying I looked at him and noticed he was starting to walk like he was drunk and had no balance which meant he had another stroke. His breathing was more rapid and was out of breath easily. So at bedtime I made a bed for him on our bed because he liked to sleep between us in bed every night. He slept through the night but when I got up in the morning to take the dog out he woke up a few moments later and was able to get off of the bed but then he dropped to the ground. He got up a moment later to get to the bathroom and he dropped to the ground there and was gone within minutes. I knew at that point he was going quick so I woke up Mike so he could say goodbye to him and we pet him and talked to him and told him we loved him until he was gone. After my Annie girl passed away in October Tommy kinda seemed to be depressed because I think he missed his pal. He stopped playing and running around like he used to do and just kept to himself. I use to call them the Grandma and Grandpa of the house because they were so close in age. Annie was 16 and Tom 17. They use to do everything together. I am so happy that I had 11 wonderful years with my Tommy. I used to always call him my rag doll because he reminded me of one so much. When we got him he was an abused cat. He was blind in the one eye, had little pieces of his ear missing and his tail had been broken at one point but never healed the right way so it was always crooked. It always use to feel so funny to accidentally touch his tail. Tommy knew we loved him and that he was in a house full of love. I am happy that I was able to give him a loving home all these years after having such a rough start. Having to say goodbye is always hard to do. I have been around animals all my life and have been able to witness the miracle of birth to watching them die and care for them in their final hours. Watching them go is always the hardest part and I wish I did not have to do so. I like to think old man Tom is with his pal Annie now and they are happy and paling around like they use to do all the time.

Before I close I wanted to mention, that from now on I will be moderating my blog. A few of my friends have been having issues with someone leaving nasty comments on their blog but whoever is doing it is anonymous so no one knows who is doing it. Since then I decided to moderate so that way if it happens I can filter what comes through. I hate to do this but think it is for the best. I hope I saved the setting right on my blog I will find out soon enough.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Forced to take a break

Hi all,

I am updating my blog this month to let everyone know that follows it may be a little while before I can get back on here. I have been having issues with my arm off and on since the winter but in the winter when it first started after the holidays I did not think anything of it too much because it was not such a bother to me and when it flared up it went away quickly as well so I left it at that. The last few weeks though my arm has been very bothersome and is only getting worse where I can't even get to sleep comfortably because the pain is a little much. Doing darn near anything from stitching to holding a cup or book or even opening a bottle of soda for James is becoming a little difficult. Well since the pain is getting more intense everyday I decided to get to the doctor and it turns out I have tendinitis. It started back in the winter from what the doctor had said but he told me I should have not ignored it either because that is why I have it so bad now because I have been stubborn and did not do anything til it got bad. He told me I have to stop doing a lot of the things I do like my stitching or typing on the computer and other things that will put strain on my arm and aggravate it. Seeing as I have had an issue with this for a while I was told I need to take care of myself now or else I will cause long term damage and it will not heal properly or I could put myself at risk of getting chronic tendinitis. So sadly for a bit I will not get to do what I want if I want my arm to get better quickly so I am hoping to be back sometime in May! Now lets see how good I am at listening! Doing not much for a while is going to drive me batty! Thanks for all the comments on my last post it is always nice when I have so many that pop in. See you in May! Happy stitching!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Some finishes finally!

It has been a few weeks since I have been here but I have been keeping busy as well. First off the last time I blogged I mentioned we were going away for a few days. That was a wonderful time and everything went great. We did not do as we planned to but it still was a fun time just the 2 of us and nothing else! Ohio has been having a heck of a spring here lately. Since March the weather here has been decent. It has been in the 70's a lot of days and the last few weeks a lot of days in the 80's. Of course this would be the year that we have a big warm up in spring like that when I still do not have a working air conditioner for the living room. We will by June though. I just have to finish saving up for it. We ended up having a spot of good luck this week which put some extra money in the bank and left us with some money to get some things here that were broken and needed to be repaired like a new Lawnmower since we did not have one, a flat screen tv for the living room since the other one died last week and some money to work on the car. We could have gotten the ac this week as well but I wanted to use some of the extra money for bills and not all on shopping. Mike has been pulling in some crazy hours here as well. This time of year business is booming where he is at so he has been offered a lot of overtime and he has been taking it. There have been days where he pulled a 14 hour day in or like on Sunday he leaves at 1pm and I will not see him until 6am Monday morning. The extra money will be great but I will be glad when all of this is done too because he has been home very little and he already has a lot on his plate now as it is.

I have 2 finishes to share. Both are from Curtis Boehringer. The first is from the 3 for 2 club and it is the April design this is so simple to stitch in a matter of hours this is done. I also finished up my April angel from the barefoot angels of the month club. I like the way the stitching turned out but I always have an issue with deciding on what to do with them when it comes time to finishing them off and then at times I am not happy with my finishing either. Thanks for stopping by and of course all of your comments. They are always appreciated!