Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My Lizzie Kate week

Well last week was a busy but productive week for me. I had the week off of work last week so after I got my husband off to work and my son to school I had the place to myself so in between I caught up on house work and did a ton of stitching. I stitched 5 ornies last week and just put the finishing touches on them today. I made 5 altogether. Four of them were Lizzy Kate's and the other one was a pattern that I had grabbed from a Donna Kooler book. The first 4 ornies are Lizzy Kate's of course. They are as follow: Welcome Fall, Spooky time(my husband loves this one the most), the next is a new pattern from Lizzy Kate that is called a Quick it. I love how this came out so I am going to do the Quick it that was just released for Christmas for myself and then the last one is a Halloween one. Lucky for me these patterns I got a hold of for free! Turns out my dads girlfriend is a big Lizzy Kate fan and has her bedroom decked out in Finished Lizzy Kate pieces. So since she already stitched these out she gave me the patterns as well as many others! The last ornie was a pattern from a Donna Kooler book called Cat Lovers Welcome Here. As always thanks for stopping by and all the comments that I have been getting it always makes me feel good about my stitching! Happy Fall everyone!


  1. They all look fantastic! Great stitching and finishing on them all!!! Gotta Love Lizzie Kate!!!

  2. Thanks! I do love Lizzy Kate!

  3. I love these quickies! Nice job on all Kay.