Friday, September 4, 2009

Lazy day

My babies being lazy. Thank heavens I have a king size bed! The white cat is Arnold, not too fond of that name but that is what my son wanted to name him. The cat next to Arnie is Tigger my quiet man. Then there is Tracy in the back she is the black and white kitty then of course Smoky the grey blob that is looking on. I call him big baby because that is what he is a chubby mama's boy and then there is Percy sleeping next to Smoky. Usually at bedtime Smoky likes to sleep next to me and then Tracy even in the summer will climb under the covers and sleep in between me and Mike and the Arnie likes to sleep at my feet the rest usually sleep around the place at times a cat or 2 will sleep with my son James. Usually there is never a dull moment here always something going on!

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