Monday, November 29, 2010

End of November already and some finishes

I hope that all my fellow stitching friends and fellow bloggers that celebrated Thanksgiving had a great holiday. My holiday was good, it was busy and fun and just went by way too fast, but then holidays do tend to do that. I never got around this month to posting my November angel that I finished, I am currently working on my December angel of the month from Curtis Boehringer and then I will be done with the monthly series! I will have to post pics when I finish the December angel of all the angels that I did for each month this year. I also had a few small finishes of things that I made for friends and such. The bookmark and small ornament I made for my friend Debi, the ornament came from a book called patchwork Christmas by Willow Ridge designs, the second ornament I made 2 of these one for me and 1 for my sister, it is called all mine by bittercup designs and then of course my November angel by Curtis Boehringer. With each post I am going to try to remember to post pics of my house decorated for Christmas, I always talk about my trees in each room of my house and been asked a lot to share pics of what they all look like, so today I am sharing pics of the trees in my room, a lot of homemade ornies by me and friends on all the trees. As always thank you for stopping by and for your kind words.

Friday, November 12, 2010

More small Christmas finishes

I have been doing nothing but stitching with all my free time I have had this month as you can tell. I finished some more ornaments to send out to friends in the coming weeks. Seeing as they do not follow my blog it is safe to keep showing off what I have been working on this month! My first finish is by Prairie Schooler of course! I so love how this came out, I want to keep it for myself! This one goes to my friend Liz, I think she will love this! The set of 4 ornaments are just a basic snowflake that I had gotten from a Leisure arts book, these are going to my sister, Lianne, Debbie and then I made one for myself. This next one I so love, I wish I could have gotten a better picture. My camera is 10 years old so it tends to want to give me issues. This lovely ornament is by Midnight stitching and it is called Quaker snowman. The last set of 2 ornaments are a quick stitch design by Lizzie Kate, my friends Juli and Carol are getting one of these. I am at the half way point of ornaments but to still have some more things to make as well but I am getting there too! Thanks as always for all the kind words and for stopping by!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Christmas finishes....

Throughout this month and next month I will be posting a lot of updates because I am working on finishing up my gifts for friends and family. The first 2 finishes are for me and my Christmas trees. They both are leisure arts patterns that I got from a few books that my local library had. I really love the cardinal, this one is on my tree in the bedroom because I have a somewhat theme going on in there. I have angels and cardinals on the tree in the bedroom. The reindeer finish is in my living room on the tree out there. I have some Prairie Schooler finishes that I made into ornaments that have been on my tree as well from last year. My third finish is for my friend Kay as you can tell it is a PS Santa. The last one is a snowman design that I made for my friend Michelle. I have made the finishing on these simple and easy because in the next few weeks I have to start sending out all these gifts to friends and family that I have made and since I have to send out to 20 different people that are scattered all over the world I have to make sure that the shipping for everyone's packages are not that bad on my budget. I currently am working on some ornaments for friends and am almost finished with another PS design for my friend Liz. I hope to update next week with all my finishes! I had brought out some of my Christmas stuff already and I thought I would share a pic of my little girl Tamzien chilling by the Christmas stuff, what you don't see is how naughty she can get at times with the some of the Christmas decorations. Thanks for stopping by and for all your kind comments. Have a good week!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy November!

Well it is officially November and another Halloween is in the bag in our household. Halloween anymore in our home is not as hustle and bustle as it used to be when my son was younger, the last few years he has been helping me pass out candy at home because he no longer wants to go out and trick or treat which is fine with me but sad in a way too because I have many moments where I realize my teenage son is growing up and things are always changing, I find myself thinking back to the good old days when he was a baby and toddler, time stop moving on so fast! I have a few finishes to share I have made for the third time in a few months now this little number by Prairie Schooler and a little Christmas ornament called patchwork Christmas and last but not least I finished November twirls by Bent Creek. Throughout the month my hands are going to be busy I have a lot I want to get done and need to get done so I am hoping to be able to share with all of you what I do throughout this month! I hope everyone who celebrates Halloween had a great Halloween weekend. Thanks for stopping by and for your comments.