Saturday, September 5, 2009

Baby Bella's lazy day with me yesterday

Yesterday was so nice I had a great day of getting some crafting accomplished. Seeing as the house was so quiet our pets slept most of the day. Usually when James is here he is always playing with them and waking them up so they are pretty active during the day for the most part so maybe they were enjoying the weekend themselves just like me. I snapped a few pics of our baby Bella she is 4 months old now I have to talk to the vet next week about when I can get her fixed. All of our pets including our dog is fixed. The problem I have with my vet is he is always overbooked. The last time I had to get one of our cats fixed 3 years ago I had to go elsewhere because his calender was so overbooked that he could not squeeze me in. I am hoping Bella can go to the vet we go to all the time because he is a friend of Mike's parents and over the years he has given us discounts and freebies and willing to work on payment plans for us if needed be. Anyway yesterday Bella spent most of her day lounging around and in between messing with my sewing stuff.


  1. Thanks, I couldn't help it I had to snap the pics they were too cute. I think all babies are so cute, but they grow up so fast as well so you have to enjoy them before they get too old and don't want to bothered too much! Lol