Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Some stitching finishes!

I have been busy with my stitching and I am still going! I have 3 finishes to share this week! I finally finished Gingerbread Trio by LHN, and a small pattern by Curtis Boehringer from the 3 for 2 club it is called January. I actually stitched February today but will not post that til the new month gets here. These were so quick and simple to stitch it took a few hours to stitch these up. I like that! The third finish is the first of 4 patterns from the Prairie Schooler book Santa and Friends. For the life of me no matter how hard I tried I could not get a decent picture of it I still feel the picture I got does not do it justice! I currently am working on my February angel from Curtis Boehringer and a few small gifts for friends that I am hoping to be able to show off in a few weeks! As always thanks for stopping by and the comments that you leave! Have a great week!

The last few weeks

Well I have been busy with my stitching in between being busy. The fall was a bit rocky with my son but in the new year it got resolved so I am happy about that. My husband went back to school he took a leave of absence back in October because he was getting burned out so that kinda sucks that he is back in school because his time will be limited again since he also works full time. One of the many reasons why I decided to only work part time so I could always be here to take care of the house and my son and when Mike is home to spend that time with him. Last week we did our taxes as well and it went good. I have spent this week paying off old debt so we can work on cleaning up our credit. I cannot tell you how good this makes me feel! After paying the bills off we decided to treat ourselves a bit as well because after a year of doing without and barely getting by I think we earned it a little. I bought a few things for the cats and dog as well. I bought a new cat tower because the other one was barely hanging on and a jungle gym of sorts for the cats. I have been having so much fun watching my herd playing in this! Today was kinda a lazy day here as you can tell by the picture of my teddy bear of a husband with the cats by his side! Hope everyone has a great week!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Some stitching updates

I have not finished a lot this time around with my stitching. I know the last time I posted I had many finishes but I have been moving at a snail's pace lately. My mind has been else where but now that things have been resolved I should be able to get back on track! I have one finish that I can share it is a Prairie Schooler piece. The other 2 projects in my rotation is Gingerbread Trio by LHN (Little House Needleworks) I have taken a fond liking of these patterns lately. They are cute! The other one in my rotation is one of the 4 patterns in the Santa and Friends book that I got for Christmas. My dad's girlfriend surprised me this weekend with a little something she knew I would like. She gave me 2 stitched Lizzie Kate pieces I love them so much! I can't wait to show them off next year!

Week in general

Last week I got baby Bela fixed as you can see from the picture she has been a sore and tired girl! Last week we got hit good by a few snow storms that kept my husband and son home a lot last week so this week I have been getting back on track with everything here since everyone is gone again.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Some finishes to ring in the new year!

Like many I have taken a small break from posting and such because the holidays were a busy time and with James being home from school I was spending a lot of time with him. It was nice to have everyone together like they were. It makes me sad a little that everything is back to normal and my days are spent being by myself again. While I was away from my blog I was stitching my time away! I have 4 finishes to show off! The first one is from Lizzie Kate called my favorite time of the year, the second one is my personal favorite it is called Holly and Berries by LHN. I had seen this on Sadies blog last month and had to have it for myself and now I do! The third one is called Cherish each new day by the Gentle Art. I made this for a crafting group I am in every month we have to send out a handmade gift to our assigned partner so I made this into something she can hang on her door. The last one is from the series Barefoot angels of the month club by Curtis Boehringer. I have had this pattern for over 5 years now and have finally picked it up. This angel is for January. I will be stitching a new one each month. I currently have 2 projects in my rotation that I will be going back and forth with. The 2 I am working on now is Season's Greetings by Bent Creek and 1 of the 4 patterns from the Prairie Schooler book Santa and friends. Next week I am going to start stitching here and there on a stocking that I am doing with a group of ladies. It is from the Better Home and Garden series. I will be stitching the Stitcher's Studio stocking. I have to wait until we get paid on the weekend at that time I will be purchasing my fabric to get started. Winter has hit hard in Ohio so I have been spending a lot of time inside and stitching my days away and getting a lot done as well!