Thursday, March 29, 2012

A few small finishes...

Not too much stitchy stuff to speak of. My finishes are all small ones, but I like the way they turned out as well! These pretty stitched letters I got from the 2009 cross stitcher magazine. As you can tell the K is for my name Kay, J is for my son James and M is for my husband Mike. I made another little one as well for my friend whose name begins with a K also. The ones I made for here are going on the Christmas tree come Christmas. I also have a small prairie schooler finish as well as you can tell to ring in the fact that it is spring! Now that it has been officially spring as of late the nice weather seemed to go elsewhere. Been cold and this will be the second night in a week of having a frost. So that should tell you that it is cold! Easter is right around the corner and with that it means spring break will begin next week as well in my household. so it means family get togethers and teenagers sleeping over, lol. So needless to say by next weekend my hands will be full. As always thanks for stopping by and I hope everyone has a great Easter.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Finally some finishes!

I realize it has been about 2 months just about since the last time I have been here really. Not much going on at all, just have not felt like doing much. My stitching has been moving at a turtle's pace as well, but I do have a few finishes to share! My one finish of course is a Prairie Schooler Santa and the other finish is by LHN, Snow bunnies. Very cute that one turned out to be I think! Have been enjoying the nice warm weather out here as of late. Uncommon here for this time of year. Even my cats and dog enjoy the weather. Took our dog Strider out for a drive yesterday, he loved it! I hope everyone who stops by is doing well and thanks for popping in and of course for your kind words!