Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Finally back after a long absence

I had realized it has almost been a year since I have posted, but as my friends know even though I have not posted it does not mean I dropped off either because I have made sure to at least keep up to date with all my friends to see what everyone has been up to! Since my last post a lot has gone on that has kept me away for many reasons. Back in March my son got his drivers permit, he is in the process of taking driving school classes and then get his license! Back in the spring we also had to say goodbye to our beloved family dog Strider, He had been battling mouth cancer for months and despite all that we did the cancer was too aggressive for him to fight it so we decided with heavy hearts to say goodbye. That was a hard day for the family, our pets are our furry children, his absence is felt around here still. For some of my friends that had been inquiring, My husband's father is doing much better as well! He is currently cancer free and just taking each day as it comes. In August my son turned 16 and he started school about a month ago, He is a senior this year, so all of a sudden the reality of my first born baby graduating in the spring and starting his future is something that I think of a lot! But as a mom to me these are the moments that I live for as well, watching my son grow through the years into the young man he has become has been life's greatest reward for me! The thought of being an empty nester in the future is something I am slowly working on preparing myself for, but for now I am enjoying each day and keep encouraging my son to keep up the great work. In the time I have been away I have been stitching as well. Little by little in the months that have passed I have been stitching when I had the time to do so! My first finish I am so proud of and I got it done in time for Halloween!! It is called, Halloween, night of Revelry by the Primitive Needle. I love how this came out! My second finish is called Love, by Homespun Elegance, I did not think to take a picture but I also stitched this in mint green on a hand towel for a friend that got married. My third finish is by CCN, it is called season of love. My fourth finish is called Winter, but heart in hand. My last finish is called Tis Green by La D Da. The last picture I am sharing is of our beloved Strider. He was a great dog with a loving heart. Forgive the quality of the pictures, I took these on my phone. I currently do not have a working camera, I hope to get a new one in the winter! I am hoping to not be away as long as I have been. This year has been something else and I know that with my son graduating this year it will have many moments of being busy as well. Thanks for stopping by!