Sunday, August 23, 2009

Spider cat!

Bella is all baby that is for sure! She is hyper and very playful for her own good some days. I have a few fake plants in the house and yesterday she discovered them. She leaps into the tree and starts climbing her way up all the way to the top.I thought this was too cute and funny so I had to get a picture of this.


  1. Ifrequently am tempted to buy the fake trees that come through our auction house, but don't. I can't have real greenery because I already had to have the vet pump the stomach of one cat because he thought azaleas tempting. Azaleas are poisonous to cats, by the way. Every part of the plant. I have only one plant hanging from the center of the kitchen window over the sink. Now that I have it in mind, I had probably check and see if that one is poisonous. I believe it is called Mother-in-law's tongue as one of the common names. But I do miss greenery in the house.
    Just too cute!

  2. I use to have a lot of real plants years ago but over the years the only plants I have anymore are fake ones because I have a few that like to chew on the real plants but then they get sick a short while later. Bella is all baby still so she is a hyper and naughty girl most of the time. My son pointed this out to me so I had to get a picture it was too much!