Friday, August 21, 2009

The shoe is on the other foot

Since Wednesday afternoon me and my husband have been a mess emotionally. James my son came home from his friends house and told me that his friend's house had been broken into and that the police were called out already and he spoke to witness' the officer told my son to go home and wait for him he would be back to talk to him. Some time had passed and I thought it would be alright for him to go because the officer never came here. Sure enough a few minutes after James left then he showed up on my doorstep. He explained to me what had happened, said there were 6 witness that seen the kid that went inside the house. As it turns out the house was unlocked, pretty darn stupid on the homeowners part. 3 kids had went inside and trashed the place, poured honey almost everywhere. The officer said there was very little destroyed or broken property, most of the things that had occurred could be cleaned up and was. He explained to me that he needed to talk to James because as I could imagine as he was saying that he was getting so many stories from these kids that he can't make heads or tails. So I told him I would get James and he came back a short bit later. That is when things went bad. All of a sudden he says that now all the kids are changing their stories and saying that James did this. I know some of what he was saying he was saying to scare him but in the process all he did was make a very frantic mother who was on the verge of tears. The kid that did this was saying that James did this is well known by the police because they are always called out because of something he has done. This summer alone the police were called on him because he roughs up his mother, bullies the other children and even was caught trying to start little fires in the playground. I ended up having to call my mother in law because she works as a legal secretary and she came out asap and told me what to say which I did so that I can protect my son's rights. Monday morning we have an appointment to see our attorney and see what we have to do next.

The officer had mentioned to me many things and I found most of them unbelievable as well as his attitude towards me. Most of the time when I talked he dismissed what I was saying and by his comments he made to me he was judging my son and being a big jerk to put it nicely. What made me angry about all this as well is when my husband talked to him he was all sugar and spice both times but when he talked to me I got treated like dirt with very little respect by this blubber butt and that made me even more angry that he would not show me respect at all.

So now I am playing the waiting game. Next week the officer said he will turn in his report to the prosecutor and he will review the report and make his decision. I am hoping that since there was no evidence everything was all hearsay and even most of the witness cannot keep their stories straight that there will be no choice but to throw this out based on lack of evidence. If not then the child or children involved will have to go to juvenile court and stand in front of the judge and she will decide punishment. I was told that the charges would be trespassing and criminal mischief I believe which are misdemeanors. Meaning the judgment by the judge should not be too harsh but at the same time me and my husband are upset and worried about James and what will happen. I believe James he would not do this, this was his best friends house to begin with. The kid that I believe did this as others was saying they witnessed has had a grudge against James and his friend because they were the ones that reported him about the fire incident which resulted in the cops being called out. He has been bulling James ever since July because of that. Even when I said this to that jerk of a cop he was dismissing what I was saying. All of a sudden he was bent on it being James and no one else.

I am not going to sit here and let blubber butt push me around. We will fight and do what we have to do to get James cleared of this because this is ridiculous! I find it sickening that after witness' put this kid at the scene of the crime and not to mention he already has a record with juvenile court that they would take his word over ours. It makes no sense! All this waiting and thinking and worrying is driving me crazy.


  1. I am so sorry Kay I had no idea. I'll be praying for you. {Hugs} Em

  2. Thanks Em,

    It definitely has me upset. Playing the waiting game to see what happens next is driving us crazy.