Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Quick finish~birthday gift~Cherish each new day

This is a really quick finish I started on last night and just got done a short bit ago today. It is called Cherish each new day by 4 for my boys. This is a birthday gift for my dads girlfriend. Her birthday is not until Halloween Day but I am getting a big head start on my stitching this year because I need to start my holiday stitching for family. I decided what I am going to do is do one finish of whatever is in my rotation for myself and then hurry get stitching on a Christmas gift for family. My husband comes from a big family so I thought it would be easier somewhat on me if I made the gifts this year for most of Mike's family. Every year Mike's cousins are crafty little ladies each year their homemade gifts are too cute. Last year his cousins made homemade Christmas ornaments by painting little holidays designs on clear plastic balls. Some gifts I have gotten over the years are dressed up wine glasses that have beads on the stems, plates with painted designs on them and a really neat idea the one year his one cousin went to Paris so she framed a picture of Eiffel tower lit up at night. Awesome!

Anyway this quick finish was very easy for me to do but when I seen this pattern I thought of her. She loves Lizzy Kate and has many stitched Lizzy Kate's all around her place so I thought this looks somewhat like a Lizzy Kate and I think she will like this! I was going to make this into a small decorative pillow probably so she can put it on her bed.

Onto my next piece that is for me. I am going to get started on Matilda by Moonlight by Gail Bussi. It is another Halloween piece. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I have 6 grands, two are boys.
    I have waited for 20 years or so for the family to give out hand made gifts. No one has ever done so other than oldest daughter making those fleece pillow blankets that fold in on themselves to make a bed/couch pillow for her nieces. We older folks didn't get any.
    One granddaughter did make my husband a very long tied-fleece blanket. He is 6'3" and all the regular blankets were just too short.
    I would have loved a small cross stitched ornament, but got store-bought items year after year....
    You are so fortunate to have relative in-laws that love to do this. I am so envious.

  2. You have quite a big family! I have always wanted to make the gifts for years but never really had the time til now so I figured this year why not. It is a nice idea and easy on my wallet. My husband's cousins are crafty ladies that is for sure, I have gotten so many nice things over the years from them.

    I hope this year you get some homemade gifts, it is always nice to get something homemade because it comes from the heart.