Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sad news

My father in law called a bit ago and told me that my mother in laws boss had passed away this evening. He had been sick for a while and had his share of hardships in the last few years. He lost his wife a few years ago and then in the winter his daughter had passed away from ovarian cancer. He was not just my mother in laws boss he was a friend of the family. I feel terrible and am doing as my father in law asked and that is to keep his family in our prayers this evening.

I also feel bad because my father in law has been sick for a while as well. He had surgery last week to prepare him for dialysis because over the years his kidneys have been rapidly shutting down on him. His doctor says when he starts dialysis he will have to be put on a kidney donor list as well. Because of this my father in law has been off of work a lot this year and is considering only working part time when he starts dialysis. Because my mother in laws boss passed away no one knows at the moment what that means for her as far as having a job. I feel awful because they have both had a rough year as well and seeing as they are both 60 right now it would be hard for my mother in law to find a job in this market as well as possibly making what she has been over the years. Speaking from experience it is no fun to find yourself without a job. I will be speaking to her tomorrow after we get done at the lawyers office concerning James and go from there.

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