Monday, December 21, 2009

Some finishes

This week is Christmas and things are slowly starting to wind down here, thank heavens! I have been a busy bee this month with making things to give as gifts to friends and family. Last week I spent my Thursday evening making up 15 goodie bags for my son to give to his teachers, principal, bus driver and such at school. I decided to make for all of them chocolate dipped spoons and a few packets of hot chocolate to go with it. I figure this is what I am going to do for Mike's cousins and uncle for Christmas as well. For the most part I have made ornaments for most of the family. On Thursday me and James will get his grandparents gift made up. I decided to give them a chocolate chip cookie mix in a mason jar and dress it up with ornaments I made for them. To have to buy gifts for everyone in the family I simply cannot do because we have fallen on hard times over the years and are working back up to where we used to be so making the gifts this year has been a lot of work on me but at the same time a huge money saver and I fully intend to do this again next year! There are a few finishes I want to share as well. The first one is something I made for my husband Mike a little sappy but oh well, it describes what I feel about him. The summer will be 14 years we have been together and we have been through our share of hardships but seem to have walked away from it even stronger. This pattern is by the Sunflower Seed and the second one is an ornament I made for my son James to put on his tree. I know he will like this because he had seen this pattern a few months ago when he was helping me to decide what ornaments to make for family and he mentioned how much he liked it. He loves penguins and I think it turned out cute. This pattern came from the book called The Big Book of Christmas Quickies by Leisure Arts. This is all I can share for now but will have more updates in the days to follow. Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Really cute ornaments! I have the book that the penguins came from. I really like it and may have to go though it again:0)