Friday, December 4, 2009

Finally I can start posting!~Ornament exchange

Me and Sadie decided to do a ornament exchange this year between the 2 of us and last week we both got our ornaments! I made Sadie a Santa ornament called Pere Noel. I got the pattern from a leisure arts book I checked out of the library. Sadie made me a Prairie Schooler Santa! I love it!


  1. Thanks for doing this exchange with me Kay :-)
    I love my ornament :-)

  2. Nice ornaments Kay! That Sadie's a keeper I tell ya! One of the sweetest people I've ever known! I received an ornament from her too. Doesn't she do beautiful work? And knows just what to send.I don't have time to stitch a Prairie Schooler Santa this year, maybe next year.

  3. I know, I so love my ornament! Sadie does beautiful work! I am glad I decided to do the exchange with Sadie it was fun!