Thursday, December 31, 2009

The last few weeks...

Well I have been busy and trying to catch up on things. My Christmas was good. It was a meager one here at home but it was still great because I was with Mike and James my 2 favorite men in the world to be with! Later that day we went to in mylaws for brunch it was great as well but I was glad to get home. I did take pics of some of the gifts I made to give away to family but James deleted them before I could download the pics so I have nothing to show! Mostly for the adults this year I kept it simple and made all the gifts. For my inlaws I made them a chocolate chip cookie mixture in a jar and made a few ornaments that I attached to the jar with some chocolate dipped spoons for when they drink hot chocolate. I gave the chocolate dipped spoons with hot cocoa packets to everyone on my list with the pointsetta ornament I made. It is in one of my posts here from earlier in the month. The children on my list they got 10.00 a piece seeing as I have 8 kids to shop for on top of mine that was even too much for my budget. I have been finally stitching away and got one finish done by LHN and am alomost done with another I hope to post those finishes some time this weekend! In closing I want to say thank you to all who follows my blog. I hope everyone has a great new year ahead!

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