Thursday, December 31, 2009

My Prairie Schooler Christmas and new beginnings!

For Christmas this year I got a lot of what I wanted without even asking for it! How about that! Mike gave me 5 Prairie Schooler patterns for Christmas and I had gotten a 30.00 gift certificate from my advent exchange partner at so I stocked up a little on thread and got 3 Schooler patterns as well and then last but not least my good friend Mary Loiuse sent me a belated Christmas gift that had the Schooler chart Santas and Snowmen and the chart for the stocking SAL I am taking part in in the new year! The charts I got are as follows November, December, Santa and Friends, When Witches go Riding, Birdsong ll, Daffodils, Stars and Stripes and the 12 days of Christmas the book I got was days 9 through 12 so at a later time I will have to get days 1 through 8. I also got Seasonigs Greetings from Bent Creek. I am so thrilled at all I got that I do not have to worry about not having anything to do now!

I set up some stitching goals for the new year. I have signed up to take part of a stocking SAL for the new year. It is a pattern from the better homes and gardens collection. I am doing the stocking Stitchers studio and if I feel really inspired I might do seamstress' cuff as well. When I am done with these I plan on giving them away as Christmas gifts next year. I have a few in mind that would love these. My main goal is to try to have a finish a month if possible in between working on other things. So hopefully that goes well!


  1. Hello Kay,
    We're both going to busy with our stitching for the New Year! Both of us with the SAL and me with deciding what to work on next for the friend that I do the stitching for.

  2. Sounds like some great gifts you got! I cant wait to see all of your new starts.