Thursday, August 30, 2012

Summer is almost gone for another year..

It has been almost a few months since I have been here to post. I have been stitching and keeping busy. I have a lot of patterns off to the side that I want to work on, will see how successful I am on that one, I do a lot of wishful thinking! My son started school this week, he started grade 10. The years have gone by fast! I am sharing a picture of my son on his first day of school. I also have a few finishes to share. I had stitched up a few small cards as gifts for friends, they were quick and simple to stitch but cute as well! I have a Halloween finish as well by La D Da, I got it from the Just cross stitch Halloween edition that I got back in January at the library book sale. Thanks for stopping by and I hope everyone's summer has been a good one!


  1. Hard to believe how quickly our kids grow up, isn't it, Kay? I hope your son has a great year in 10th grade!

    Your latest finishes are wonderful--especially love that skating mouse!! Enjoy what's left of your summer :)

  2. Congrats on your finishes!

    Only a few more years before your kiddo graduates high school. The times goes by so fast, doesn't it?

  3. good to see a post...I am way behind on blogs......where does all the time go???
    everything looks great....

  4. Hi Kay great to see your post:) I'm way behind in reading blogs but trying to catch up. Love the stitching and your DS is all grown up now:)


  5. I've never seen stitching on cards! So neat!!

  6. Hi Kay, looks like i haven't noticed your post earlier, so sorry...
    Great pic of your son, aren't they growing up fast?!?

    Cute cards and halloween finishes.

    Hope all's well with you all.