Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Finally a few finishes after being away for a while

I realized it has been a few months since I have been online to my blog. Not much going on really, just have been moving at a turtle's pace with my stitching. My oldest son James has been out of school for a month now. We got through the freshman year! Come next month when school starts again he will be in 10th grade, the years have been flying by with him it seems. This summer James has been doing practice driving in secluded areas as well. Other than that not too much else going on in my household really to speak of. In the last few months I have been stitching and I have 3 finishes to share. All of my finishes are from the Just cross stitch Halloween issue from 2011 that I checked out from the library. Since I realized my local library has sewing magazines to check out I have been checking magazines out left and right! My first finish is called Witch's hat by The Stitchworks, the second finish which I am quite fond of is Witchy Kitty by Brittercup designs and then my third finish is called a crow's pick by Knotted Tree Needleart. For every holiday and season I have a tree up that I put my ornaments on and these are all made to go on that tree when it is time to start decorating for Halloween! I hope everyone that stops by my blog has a lovely holiday and week ahead and thanks for stopping by!


  1. Good to see you posting again.

    Your finishes are adorable!

  2. All three of your Halloween finishes are adorable, Kay... There are so many cute Halloween pieces I'd love to stitch some day! Just not enough hours in my day it seems...

    I think a holiday tree sounds perfect for displaying your little ornaments--I know I always hate to take my little tree in the kitchen down. Perhaps I should leave it up all year :)

  3. Lovely finishes.

  4. Such cute finishes, Kay. Love them all.

    Been away for a acouple of months too, on groups and blogs. Been crazy busy at work and home, it is the last week of school this week and they are off for six weeks, hopefully things calms down for me soon.

  5. Kay really cute, like you I really like the second one. But then I love kitties:)