Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year

I realized I have been a way for so long here, but I have been checking in with my fellow bloggers to see what they have been updating on their blogs. I have been stitching in the months that I have been away, but not so much. Life right now has gotten more in the way than anything. Our holiday season here was good, as always so much to do before the big day and then it comes and goes just like that! A lot of illness between myself and my husband's father has kept me away.  My husband's father has been battling cancer for almost a year and had surgery the day after Christmas, but a few days after the surgeries he had, he suffered a stroke. He is paralyzed on the left side and will have to live in a rehab facility for a while to learn the basics that come so easily to us. Needless to say the last year with all that we have been through it has been challenging and a huge struggle. With it being a new year though I am so very much hoping that this year is kinder to my family and household....

Before I forget I wanted to share photos of what I have been doing stitchy wise! The one finish is somewhat a Prairie Schooler finish. I used the pattern from Birdsong 1, but because I was on a time crunch to get this done, I had to shorten this up since it was a Christmas gift for my sister and I was truly working until the last minute! My second finish is by Brittercup designs. I love the cat designs that are always coming out for Christmas! My third finish is something that has importance to it.... on Thanksgiving eve at my local library I signed up to enter the annual cross stitch contest they have every year in December. For years I have wanted to enter, but held back out of fear of not being good enough, but this year I said to heck with it! It will be on display for a few more days before the top 3 entries will be chosen. The contest every year is sponsored by a little cross stitch shop here in town. The 3 winners will get a gift card to go shopping in her store. By the way this is called Gentle Harvest by cross eyed cricket. The last little finish was a little something that I made for my friend. With that said wish me luck! I had seen some entries at the cross stitch show that even took my breath away. I just am excited to see my finish on display, so if I do not win it will be ok! With that said Happy New Year! May this be the year that brings all we wish and so much more.


  1. Happy New Year Kay and I hope and wish for a kinder year for you and your family! (and I will say a few prayers for you also)
    Your stitching and finishing look awesome and i hope you win one of those gift cards.
    Happy Stitching

  2. So sorry that illness and life has kept you away. Sending good wishes for your FIL.

    Congrats on all your finishes. How exciting to have an entry in the contest. Good luck.

    Happy New Year to you!!

  3. I like your finished pieces. The first one, although you mention it was shortened, is a beautiful piece.
    Being a cat lover, I too enjoy the cat pieces and love the Halloween & the mouse with cheese, very cute.
    I wish for you and yours a happier year, as I do for us all.
    Good to see you posting again.

  4. Happy New Year! Hope your FIL recovers and does well. Wonderful stitching and good luck with the contests!

  5. I think that is so neat that your library has a cross stitch contest, Kay! And good for you for entering--your piece is lovely :) All of your finishes are so pretty--love that little kitty especially.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family--I do hope things improve for 2013. And I pray your FIL does well in rehab and comes back strongly to fight the cancer...

  6. Your stitching projects are all so adorable and I do hope you are chosen as one of the 3 to win a gift card. Also wishing you and your family a healthier 2013 than what you have been experienced in 2012. Many thoughts and prayers for your FIL; strokes can be devastating for both the patient as well as the family.