Monday, December 13, 2010

Some wonderful gifts!

Me and my friend Mary took part in our advent exchange this year. Her package arrived today which means I got to open up 13 gifts and oh my was I ever spoiled! I know the picture does not show it all but I got some white chocolate covered pretzels, some gourmet cocoa mix, perforated paper to stitch on, a Christmas card kit, some floss and fabric, floss bobbins,socks, a candy cane pattern, snowman paper, hot plates, some more sewing needles, a little frame and a very pretty star ornament that says welcome! Thank you so very much Mary I love everything. My husband had some hot cocoa already and says he loves it. I dipped into the pretzels already as well, I could not help myself. We also have been hit hard by snow, my son had his first snow day of the school year today, my kittens Tamzien and Gisborne just love the snow and have so much fun watching it fall as you can see!


  1. A wonderful selection of gifts Kay and cute kittie pictures.

  2. Sounds like a love gifts from your friend!

    Great pictures of your kittens!!

    ps. i am so sorry i still haven't answered your last mail, just updated my blog today just after lunch and then went back to work. Been working long hours lately so feeling very tired in the evening.

  3. Kay,
    What a great exchange. Those kitties are so adorable looking at the snow. Mine would do the same thing I am sure.