Thursday, December 9, 2010

a few small finishes to share.....

I have a few small ornaments that I made this week, each one only took a day to stitch up, I like those the best, cute but simple! The first one is by Lizzie Kate and the second one I got from a Leisure Arts book that I checked out of the library called 100 cross stitch ornaments. I also wanted to share a few small nice and wonderful surprises I got from a few of my friends that really made my day. I have been blue for the last few months but have been keeping it to myself and with the holidays here I have been getting increasingly blue especially since something happened that has affected me and my husband on Sunday, I have noticed that I have been stitching an awful lot I suppose this is me keeping busy or else I would lose my sanity! lol. On Monday I got this beautiful card with these beautifully made handmade ornies by my friend Liz, on Monday I also got a secret Santa package from my friend Juli with so many goodies! Last but not least my little girl Tamzien who always makes me smile posing by some snowmen while having visions of cat treats and toys running through her head! Thanks as always for stopping by and for your kind words.

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  1. Hello Kay, Hope you're feeling your old self soon. You have some nice finishes and it's good to keep busy. Much easier than sitting around thinking about things.