Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Finally some finishes!

I realize it has been about 2 months just about since the last time I have been here really. Not much going on at all, just have not felt like doing much. My stitching has been moving at a turtle's pace as well, but I do have a few finishes to share! My one finish of course is a Prairie Schooler Santa and the other finish is by LHN, Snow bunnies. Very cute that one turned out to be I think! Have been enjoying the nice warm weather out here as of late. Uncommon here for this time of year. Even my cats and dog enjoy the weather. Took our dog Strider out for a drive yesterday, he loved it! I hope everyone who stops by is doing well and thanks for popping in and of course for your kind words!


  1. Hello

    Just found your blog.

    I love your finishes, they are lovely.

  2. Both your finishes are absolutely adorable! We're having unseasonably warm weather here, too. Upper 70's and 80's here when it should be in the mid 40's. Crazy stuff!

  3. Oh, they are both wonderful, Kay! I love all of the PS Santas so much, but have only stitched three. And even though I stitched your LHN Snow Bunnies when it first came out, it is still not finished!! Maybe this year?

    I still can't believe it's March with the warmth and sunshine--isn't it incredible!!

  4. Beautiful finishes, Kay.

    Thought i got back my stitching mojo but once i've written it down it had disappeared right away. Shame shame shame...quite busy with other things.

    Hope all's well with you.

  5. Hi Kay love your finishes your's are always so cute!
    Mary Louise