Monday, October 17, 2011

Been a while...

It has been a while since my last post. A lot has been going on that I am not ready to talk about yet. I have been stitching here and there though. When I look at what I did with my stitching I know I have been keeping busy but it does not seem like I have been. I have a Halloween and a Christmas finish to share. The first one is of Halloween of course! It is by Bent Creek and it is called Spooky Row and the next one is by Lizzie Kate of course! On a personal note my teenage son and his girlfriend went to Homecoming earlier in the month. We were so thrilled to see him go. They both looked wonderful and had an awesome time. My baby is not so much a baby anymore, lol. Thanks for stopping by and for all your kind words!


  1. Your son and his girlfriend look great!! Love your stitching. I do hope that all is well with you and whenever you are ready to talk about things . . .I am here to listen as I am sure many others are as well!!! Praying for you!

  2. hello dear, so lovely to hear from you..very sweet picture of your son and his girlfriend :)time really flies and kids grew up daughter is going to high school next year..i cant believe it..
    i really love yours stitching like always..bent creek stitching is just so wonderful...i am thinking to look for this chart and do it for myself too..and cute santa is so lovely too..well done dear..
    keep well and me sending you (hugs) xxx

  3. The "kiddos" look great. :-)

    Congrats on your finishes. They look great too.

  4. Kay lovely finishes and nice picture of your soon and his girlfriend too.
    Mary Louise in IN

  5. Kay,
    It is good to see you posting. Your son and girlfriend are so cute.

    I love your Halloween finish. Your Santa finish is adorable.

    I hope things in your life settle down. I miss your posts.


  6. Welcome back Kay.
    What a lovely couple. Yes, they do seem to grow up so fast.
    Your stitching looks wonderful. Love the spooky banner & what a great piece that Santa cushion will be at Christmas. Love them both.

  7. Tried three times to post this yesterday - don't know what was up with blogger.
    Son and GF look wonderful. They do grow up quickly, but you don't even look old enough to be his mom! Great stitching finishes, too.
    Hope things calm down for you and things get easier. Take care. :)

  8. Aww...such a sweet photo of your son and his girlfriend :) And I love your finishes, too, Kay!

    Take care now...