Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Some more Fall and Halloween finishes with a bit of Christmas

I have been keeping busy since my last post with my stitching. Not much else to do at the moment so may as well keep my hands busy! The first finish is From Prairie Schooler called Autumn. My second finish I have wanted to do this for a while so I finally grabbed it out of my to do pile and tackled it. It is a Lizzie Kate called Hats off to Halloween. My last finish is a Christmas finish that was so quick and simple to make I was done with this one in 2 days. It is by JBW Designs. It is called Holly Noel. Not much going on in my house to speak of as of late. it is starting to look like fall though in Ohio. Friday is the first day of fall and already when I walk around I can see the leaves changing colors and the weather is cooler, which I love! I love Autumn and Winter. They are my favorite seasons. My son is still adjusting to high school. Seeing as he is a freshman this year he is quickly discovering that there is a lot expected of one with all the work he has to do on a daily basis. He seems to be holding strong though! In a few weeks mid term reports go home so hopefully it all looks good! Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to leave comments, they are always appreciated!


  1. hello dear, wow..really very lovely stitching..all of them are so sweet..i love the fall one and the hats of the halloween so of the hat is mine..the one with the cat;) fall is my fav season..
    christmas stitch is so cute too..
    well done busy fingers:)

  2. Such cute finishes, Kay! I especially like the PS one (of course!)...

    I love Autumn, too, but this one has been so cool and rainy--more like late October than September. I keep hoping we'll get a string of sunny, warm days still before the reality of winter sets in! Hope your son continues to do well in high school--it is a big adjustment...

  3. Congrats on your finishes. Love the LK one... It's so cute.

    Glad to hear your DS is adjusting to HS well.

  4. very pretty fall finishes..
    love this time of year & the beautiful colors...
    hey, I commented on an earlier post this am...could you contact me should be able to via this comment...thanks much!!!

  5. Such lovely completions, I bet you feel really pleased with the results they look great and you have three new ones for the upcoming seasons. Well done. I just need to stitch faster. I love the colours in the PS Autumn piece.

  6. What wonderful finishes. They each look amazing!

    If you have not already stopped by my blog, make sure and visit. Got a giveaway going on that ends on the 5th!!!

  7. Love all your stitching Kay, I will try and write soon, I'm really behind on everything again. But when is it that I'm not? LOL