Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone! Friday night my husband carved pumpkins. We were not going to but Mike decided to at the last minute. He has been doing the patterns from the book called Pumpkin Masters for years now. These are the 3 he decided to do. Mike had a little helper of sorts last night as well. Our newest baby Bela that we got back in the summer for some reason was very interested in what Mike was doing so she kept getting in his way and sat on the coffee table and watched him carve away! I hope everyone has a great and safe Halloween today!


  1. Mike and Bella did a great job on the pumpkins! They look awsome.

  2. Wow did Mike and Bella did a great job:0)


  3. Wow, you done great jobs carving! They look awesome! Bela looks so cute!!!