Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Finally a finish....

I was hoping to get more accomplished this month than I have but at times life has a way of getting in the way and putting things on halt. I have not been feeling too well. Had a lot of dental issues related to the pregnancy, it all started with a chipped tooth and when I got to the dentist he said that I have 2 teeth that are bad off that they need to just come out, so next week I will be having those removed. Not looking forward to it though, in the last month I have been "freaking out" a lot and having panic attacks. So I am scared of having a few teeth pulled and worried that I will have a attack while there. My husband Mike will be there and will be taking the day off of work so he and my son can take care of the house that day. The last time I was pregnant I was 19, I am 34 this time and am finding out that this time around this one is taking so much out of me, because I am always tired and not feeling well.

My birthday was Friday the 22th. It was great!!! My son James got me a gift certificate to 123stitch.com which I already spent, lol. Mike got tickets for me and him to see the musical Chicago. We seen that a few days after my birthday. I loved the show. Was not sure I would like it but was nicely surprised when I got there. My guys helped to make sure it was a great day.

I do have a finish to share this one took me longer than usual because of the fact that I have had massive pain from the dental issues that I have it is hard to want to sit and focus on sewing or reading because the pain is bothersome. This is by Glory Bee, it is called Cabin Sweet Cabin.

Like most of us the heat has been something else in Ohio so I have been hiding inside a lot! Thanks for stopping by and for your kind words!


  1. wowwwwwwwwwwww..i love it so much with my hear such a lovely stitching..well done.
    'happy belated birthday' my dear friend.i am glad you had lovely time.
    keep well and happy stitching xx

  2. Lovely finish!! Sorry to hear about all the complications. I had to have a tooth out about 6 years ago and was scared beyond belief--how I managed to walk into the office on my own accord is still something I wonder about. It goes quickly, though. Hang in there!

  3. First off... Happy Belated Birthday! I'm glad you had an enjoyable one. :)

    Second, congrats on your cute finish.

    Lastly, sorry to hear about your dental issues and panic attacks. I can relate to the latter... Mine usually come out of nowhere. Hang in there. Do rest and take it easy.

  4. Happy belated Birthday. it sounds like you had a nice day.
    Sorry to hear about the dental issues. I'll keep you in my thoughts and hope that all goes well and that you have no attacks. Just keep thinking about how much better you will feel without the bad teeth. They can cause so many other problems. Good luck.

    Your finish is adorable.

  5. Happy late birthday Kay! Sorry about the Geebies (what my friend who had it calls Gestational Diabetes). I hope it's not too rough on you. Good luck at the dentist. I'll send you calm and soothing thoughts!

  6. Oh, I would dread having teeth pulled, too, Kay. My husband has been through that (two teeth also) over the past year--not fun at all. I wish you luck. Hope the rest of your pregnancy calms down a bit--try to put yourself first. I know it's not easy, but at this stage, I think that is so, so important...

    Your finish is very cute--keep on stitching, Kay--that is a great help for stress :) And Happy Belated Birthday!!

  7. Happy belated birthday, Kay.
    Hope the pregnany doing well.
    Did re-send a note last night through my hotmail account, i really don't know if it gets to you. It seems i am having problems sending mails thorugh my hotmail account. I think i might open up another account from yahoo as that mostly goes well.
    Hugs, Mylene

  8. adorable!!! I would love to stitch this piece.....we stayed in a cabin in Millersburg Ohio this summer & would love to present this to the owners next time we go!!!
    Hope your pregnancy is going well...