Monday, May 9, 2011

Too much time on my hands..

I have a few more finishes to share, since I have been a homebody anymore and I no longer work because I decided to quit a while ago since I had been missing so much time with my pregnancy, I had to make a choice because I knew that if I did not I would eventually lose my job anyway from all the time missed, so anymore I spend my days at home mostly and have been doing a lot of sewing and reading. For the longest time, I always had a to do pile on my coffee table and since the new year I have been slowly weeding through it all and I am happy to say that my to do pile has been getting smaller little by little, however a lot of my to do pile is cross stitch patterns that I just keep grabing from, if I have to stay home and not do much I might as well keep busy so I have been keeping my hands busy and then some! My first finish is from Bent Creek it is the May Blooms design. The second one is from my prairie schooler book that I got almost 2 years ago, the book is called Santa and friends, I made the second design from this book, last year I made another one of the designs from the book, all together there is 4 designs in the book, so I only have half way to go, my goal is to get the last 2 done in the coming months because I love how the first 2 have come out already!

Mothers day here was good, it was quiet and that is more than fine with me, a quiet day at home with everyone here is all I need and want and that is what I got, as well as breakfast in bed and dinner being made for me and a small online certificate to go shopping at! I hope everyone had a good mother's day, and as always thanks for stopping by and for all your kind words.


  1. Beautiful finishes as always, Kay.

    Your Mother's day sounds great to me...wish the same here but had to go out for MIL!!!

  2. Congrats on two more finishes! Way to go.

    Glad you had a good Mother's Day.

  3. Kay, it's really nice that you could quit your job and stay home to do as you like. I do the same, but I'm old, LOL!

    I love BC's May Blooms and of course the PS Santa, but I have tons of PS designs done and to do and love them all.

    I also loved seeing your 4 kitties looking out the door. It's just adorable and would make a great XS design! Reminds me of our 4 kitties out on our screened-in backporch. It's as close as they get to the outdoors.

    Sounds like a great Mother's Day you had!

  4. So nice for you to be able to stay home now and stitch to your heart's content! Your finishes are so nice, and your three little kitties are adorable...what a great photo!