Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March already..

I was hoping to have an update sooner, but I have been sick with a bad cold that is still around a little bit so I spent most of last week in bed because I just felt awful and achy all over. On top of that on Friday last week Ohio got hammered with snow, we had over a foot of snow within a day so I had to go out a few times to shovel the snow, winter is almost over though and soon we will be upon my least favorite part of spring. The beginning of spring it is nothing but cold and wet and muddy all over, by May it looks nice out but first I have to get through the first part of spring. My first finish I had done before I got sick and the picture shows it, lol if you look at the ornament above it will show that this was done last month. This is signs of winter by Bent Creek, I have not worked with perforated paper in some time so I decided to stitch this on that, the picture does not do the finished result justice, my camera is ancient so at times the pictures are not as good as they can be. My other finish is March blows by Bent Creek. I am hoping to have more stitchy finishes soon, I went on a small shopping trip online on Friday at 123stitch.com and already got everything in the mail on Monday. I bought myself the Prairie Schooler book Woodland Santas and lots of floss for my future projects that I want to work on soon! As always thanks for stopping by and for your kind words.


  1. Beautiful finishes, Kay.

    I hope you are feeling much better now. Had the cold, sore throat too last week...glad feeling better now. The sun shows up today after days of foggy and wet weather, still very cold!

  2. Seems like the yuckies are going around everywhere. *knock on wood* I haven't caught it. Hope you're in good health soon.

    It's been rainy, wet, and muddy here too. Last night we got a dusting of snow after rain all day, and even thunder!

    Your finishes turned out really cute. Great job.

  3. Very nice! Sorry you have felt bad. Hope you are better!