Thursday, July 22, 2010

This n that and birthdays

I have 3 finishes to share they are all swap gifts for exchanges I signed up for in my friends crafting group. The first one is a bookmark simple as it is I am proud of myself because this was my first stab at it, the other 2 are a swap gift and gift in general for my friend, the first is a ornament of poppies, I got this pattern from a book that I checked out of the library by Joan Elliot. When I seen this pattern I instantly thought of her because the theme for her kitchen is red and it is filled with poppy decor! I am not sure if the beads I sewed in show up hopefully they do, I think the picture does not do it justice! The other thing is a little hanging ornament that is scented, this was for a bathroom swap, I think she will be thrilled with everything, I am even happy with what I did for once! Usually I tend to be my toughest critic on what I do. I am also sharing what I had gotten in the mail for a butterfly and seeds swap. I got these beautifully scented butterfly soaps and a crocheted girl in a butterfly costume! Summer is moving along for us all. I am not sure if I had mentioned it but my husband Mike turned 40 on July 6. Today is my birthday I turn 33! Not sure what is going on today yet, but I am sure the guys will do something nice! In 2 weeks time my son will officially be a teenager because he will be turning 13! Next weekend I am having a birthday party and sleepover for him so next weekend my house will not be my own again til Sunday sometime when everyone leaves. Thanks for stopping by and for all the kind words!


  1. Happy Birthday, Kay!! And happy belated birthday to your husband and early birthday wishes for your son. Ah...a teenager in the house--the fun begins :)

    Your pieces are all so pretty! I'm sure the recipients will love them...

  2. Your finishes are so lovely and Such a cute crocheted butterfly!

    Happy Happy Birthday! I hope you are enjoying your day.

  3. Very nice finishes, Kay. Congratulations!!

    Happy Stitching ... Sandy